Hustle Approved: Crudité with “Ranch”

Hey Friends! This week, we're bringing you another "Hustle Approved" snack to satisfy those crunchy, savory cravings. Added bonus, it's a no-cook recipe that is great for everything from housewarming parties to watching the game in your sweats. Crudité Platter with Homemade "Ranch" Dip Ingredients:  2 bell peppers (orange, yellow or red) 1 cup sugar … Continue reading Hustle Approved: Crudité with “Ranch”

“Hustle Approved” Spicy Apple Slices

Hey Hustlers! We're bringing you a brand new snack recipe that is spicy, savory and delicious. Did we mention it has three ingredients AND can be thrown together in minutes? It's a win-win! Spicy Apple Slices Ingredients: Granny Smith Apple (or your favorite!) Cut into pieces 1 jalapeno pepper, thinly sliced Cheddar Cheese, sliced (organic … Continue reading “Hustle Approved” Spicy Apple Slices